ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)

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ECDL has become the recognized standard worldwide  or computer literacy/ability.The ECDL builds around a special user-friendly skills card and this card records the skills students demonstrate in each of seven computer related modules.We teach the ECDL Core, Advanced ECDL and also to facilitate Shift workers.

Five Reasons for you to do ECDL.

  1. Stay relevant — Technology has changed and is constantly changing. So should your skills.

  2. Build your profile — Design an ECDL profile to suit your needs.

  3. Enjoy the Choice — There’s never been a greater range of modules to choose from.

  4. Keep learning — There’s no time limit. An ECDL profile is for life!

  5. Meet the global standard — Join the 13 million people worldwide who have chosen ECDL.

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ECDL Modules

Base modules:

  • Computer Essentials
  • Online Essentials
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)

Standard modules:

  • Database (Microsoft Access)
  • Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • I.T. Security

Additional Modules:

  • Online Collaboration – €80.00
  • Web Editing – €80.00
  • Image Editing – €80.00

*If you require an additional cert, costs €40 extra.

Duration: 22 weeks @ 3 hours per week. Cost: €23.64 per week pay as you go, or €520 total.

*Funding may be available for social welfare recipients.

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Advanced Modules

The ECDL Advanced is designed for those who have already been successful in completing the seven ECDL modules at core level. It builds on the skills and knowledge already mastered and allows students to progress to a higher level of competence.

Advanced is composed of individual modules. Each module is a standalone program that provides certification in that specific application.

Access I.T. Ltd. provides training in the
following modules:

  • Advanced Word Processing (MS Word):
    Duration: 2 hrs/week for 10 Weeks
  • Advanced Spreadsheets (MS Excel):
    Duration: 2 hrs/week for 12 Weeks
  • Advanced Database (MS Access):
    Duration: 2 hrs/week for 12 Weeks
  • Advanced Presentation (MS Powerpoint):
    Duration: 2 hrs/week for 8 Weeks

Cost per module: €220

*Funding may be available for social welfare recipients.

ECDL Shift

We have a class also available to shift workers where you can choose between day or evening lessons which best suit your shift and still cover the same module in either class.

Duration: 22 Weeks @ 3 hours per week.
Cost for Shift ECDL: €520

*Funding may be available for social welfare recipients.

For more information, visit ECDL Ireland’s website

ECDL Test Only

‘Test Only’ is suitable for participants who already have the skills and knowledge to pass without any additional learning. They will have an opportunity to check their skills before taking the assessment.

If they already have a valid skills-card or have been registered for ECDL and have taken some modules, this Test Only option will allow them to take the remaining assessments to complete the qualification.

Note: Please bring a photo ID to your first exam.

ECDL Test Only Cost: €35 per exam
Advanced ECDL Test Only Cost: €80 per exam
Skills Card costs €40