ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)

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ICDL offers a complete solution that caters for all your learners, from those with no prior experience of computers to those requiring advanced digital skills. Build the ideal digital skill set for your learners by combining any number of modules from any of the programmes.

ICDL Workforce is designed to build the digital skills of the modern workplace. These modules will help employees and candidates demonstrate their effective use of technology with skills and knowledge that can be further developed by progressing to the ICDL Professional modules and beyond.

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ICDL Modules

ICS Skills Accreditation:

  • Computer and Online Essentials
  • Application Essentials
  • Documents (Microsoft Word)
  • Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)

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  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  • Online Collaboration
  • Data Protection

Additional modules:

  • Remote Work
  • Team Work
  • €225

Duration: 22 weeks @ 3 hours per week. €595. Weekly payment plan available.

*Funding may be available for social welfare recipients.

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ICDL Professional Modules

ICDL Professional is designed to meet the needs of modern professionals in a
range of sectors and develop an advanced level of skill for those with
technology reliant roles.

Advanced is composed of individual modules. Each module is a standalone
program that provides certification in that specific application.

Access I.T. Ltd. provides training in the
following modules:

  • Advanced Word Processing (MS Word):
    Duration: 2 hrs/week for 10 Weeks
  • Advanced Presentation (MS Powerpoint):
    Duration: 2 hrs/week for 8 Weeks

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Cost per module: €250

*Funding may be available for social welfare recipients.

ICDL Test Only

‘Test Only’ is suitable for participants who already have the skills and knowledge to pass without any additional learning. They will have an opportunity to check their skills before taking the assessment.

If they already have a valid skills-card or have been registered for ICDL and have taken some modules, this Test Only option will allow them to take the remaining assessments to complete the qualification.

Note: Please bring a photo ID to your first exam.

ICDL Test Only
Cost: €35 per exam

Advanced ICDL Test Only
Cost: €80 per exam

Skills Card costs €40

*Funding may be available for social welfare recipients.

For more information, visit <ahref=”https://icdl.ie/”target=”_blank”rel=”noopener noreferrer”>ICDL Ireland’s website